This bowl is rubbish. In a good way. It’s made from rice husks – the tough outer bits that normally get thrown away. It’s made in China, too, where there’s really quite a lot of rice about. Lots of rice means lots of husks. Not so rubbish. I’m made from natural fibres, too. Saving the earth comes naturally.


I am reusable, biodegradable and BPA free.


Iam By Nature gives 1% of profits away to Find Your Feet, to help women in rural communities sustainably grow organic food.

Roz Eco Skin Care Mixing Kit

  • If you love making your own skin care products at home, then I’ve got just the thing for you. I am an eco friendly bowl and spoon - the perfect place for fresh and natural ingredients to meet, mix and make something wonderful.

    I am biodegradable and BPA free.