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Sharing the benefits

Here’s a lovely thing. When you use natural ingredients from Iam By Nature, your skin wins. And so do women in rural Africa and Asia.

Natural skincare is good for you. And now it’s good for others, too.
Iam By Nature gives 1% of profits away to Find Your Feet, to help women in rural communities build a sustainable future for their families.

It’s all about empowerment. Find Your Feet helps women in remote parts of Asia and Africa to sustainably grow organic food that’s friendly to the environment. But it also helps them to grow in confidence.
Find Your Feet empowers women to gain the skills, knowledge and resources they need to start small businesses.

Earning their own money helps women in remote communities to become self sufficient. Soon, they no longer need outside support.
They can look after themselves and their families.

They’ve found their feet.

So by treating your skin to natural ingredients, you’re treating others too. Good for you.


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