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5 feel-good resolutions that can’t possibly fail

Resolutions, good. Broken resolutions, bad. I don’t like things that feel bad. So this year, I’ve decided. Feeling good is the new feeling bad. I’m only doing new year’s resolutions that’ll make me feel better. So here are my top five unbreakable resolutions. Laugh more This is surely the easiest resolution ever. The only possible […]

5 ways to love your natural lifestyle

So you want to live a lovely life in tune with nature, full of health, harmony and happiness? Great! Here are the rules: Stop doing everything you love. Start doing lots of things you hate. Replace all the nice things in your home with twigs. Signed up? Of course not! No-one can live like this. […]

Can science and nature be friends?

Some things you can do in a supermarket. Some things you can’t. You can win a car. Bump into an old friend. Propose over the tannoy. But you can’t waterski. And you can’t buy cosmetic-grade oats for your face mask. I get asked about this a lot. Why can’t I just use supermarket ingredients for […]

5 Ways to keep that holiday feeling at home

Holidays. What’s not to love? Your only goal is to have fun. The only progress you’re charting is your route to the pool. The only measurable outcome is how much you’ve laughed. You feel happier, healthier, more ‘you’. The thing not to love is when holidays end. But who says they have to? What if […]

5 tips for smooth summer skin

Hello, summer! I love you. Cloudless skies, sun-soaked holidays, time off work – there’s so much you get right. But – and don’t take this the wrong way, because I do love you – it’s just, you can be a little bit… fickle. One minute you’re all ‘Hey, I’m full of vitamin D, get your […]

My ingredients series – meet the lupin bean grower

Lupin flour makes a face beautiful. That’s what the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates thought, back in the day. But if you’ve never heard of lupins in skincare, you’re not alone. Those elegant petals are good at keeping secrets. Hidden inside each pod, you’ll find around six golden seeds that can be eaten as beans. In […]

5 teas for glowing skin

Put the kettle on! It’s time for tea. But not just any tea. Herbal, green, caffeine-free – whatever your taste, there’s a tea here to bring out the best in your skin. Just drink it, splash it, dab it or mix it and you’re good to glow. 1. Chamomile Soothing to drink, soothing for your […]

5 steps to less stress

Problems. When they come along, what’s the plan? Do you: a) Hide behind the sofa b) Run and hope they won’t catch up c) Come out fighting and hope no-one gets hurt Whatever your strategy of choice, problems have one thing in common. Stress. Stress is never a good look. Stress affects everything – your […]

Mindful March: 5 tips to help you cut caffeine, not quit it

Let’s be honest. Giving up caffeine is a tough ask. Yes, we all know it’s not exactly good for us. But Monday mornings aren’t the same without a decent skinny latte. So, let’s be realistic. How about cutting caffeine, not quitting it? All the benefits of a brighter, more energised body – without missing out […]

My Ingredients Series – Meet the Honey Supplier

What makes the honey in Iam by Nature’s Honey I’m Home pods so skin-lovingly special? I wanted to get to the bottom of it. So I asked the bees. Honestly. It’s impossible to get any sense out of them. The conversation went like this: Me: So, bees. What makes the honey in Iam by Nature’s […]

5 Tips for the Ultimate Skin Detox Weekend

Skin. Skin? Is that you? Listen, I want to make it up to you. I’ve been asking a lot of you lately, I know. I’ve been giving you late nights, junk food and windy weather. Then I’ve demanded you look your best. You’ve given this party season your all. It’s time I gave you something […]

The Art of Body Brushing: 5 Tips to Get You Started

You know, looking after your body doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Let me share one of my best kept secrets and introduce you to the art of skin brushing. Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds – skin brushing is the age old process of rubbing a natural brush all over […]

5 Tips to Keep Skin Healthy in Winter

Winter is well and truly here, the woollies are out and the log fire is on. Whilst we love wrapping up and getting cosy as temperatures plummet, the change in weather can be bad news for our skin and all too often, we see our skin becoming dry, flaky and even a little lifeless. The […]

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