So who am I?

Mixing your own natural skin care products at home is full of benefits – for those who’ve got the time and know-how. But what about the rest? Why should they miss out?


Let me introduce Iam By Nature: Fresh and organic traditional middle eastern beauty ingredients to mix at home in seconds. Before I started the brand in 2015, I was a jeweller running my own workshop, but was making skin care from scratch in my kitchen due to acne and allergies. The results were short of miraculous and my friends wanted to know my skin’s ‘secret’. But mixing my own scrubs and masks from food ingredients had become more of a hassle. I had already moved to England and could not source key ingredients that were a staple in my home country. I needed to make things easier so more people could benefit. That’s why I developed Iam By Nature.

Now, creating your own natural products at home is a breeze. You have full control of what goes in your skin care without ever having to resort to chemical preservatives. All of my ingredients are Cosmos certified organic, tested in an independent lab and deemed safe for cosmetic use.


No need to worry about which recipes to use, where to source ingredients, or keeping things fresh in the fridge. Simply pick a routine that suits your skin concerns and you're off to a fresh start. Anyone can try out homemade natural products on a whim. And like me, once they’ve turned to nature, and found instant results, they won’t want to turn back.


I want allergy and acne sufferers to enjoy the benefits of nature at it's purest - simply and easily.


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Sharing the benefits

Here’s a lovely thing. When you use my natural and organic skin care routine, your skin wins. And so do women in rural Africa and Asia.

Natural skincare is good for you. And now it’s good for others, too. Iam By Nature gives 1% of profits away to Find Your Feet, to help women in rural communities sustainably grow organic food. It also helps them to grow in confidence.

It’s all about empowerment

Help empower women to gain the skills, knowledge and resources they need to start small businesses.

Earning their own money helps women to become self sufficient. Soon, they no longer need outside support.They can look after themselves and their families.​ They’ve found their feet.

So by treating your skin to natural ingredients, you’re treating others too. Good for you.

Registered Charity 290535