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So, Who am I?

If you love making natural skin and body care products at home but don’t love the bother of it, hello. I’m so glad we met. I am here to save you time.

Open my pods, you see, and you’ll have lovely certified organic skin care natural products in seconds.

No hassle. No waste. And you’ll always have the perfect consistency – not too
runny, not too dry. Goldilocks would be proud.

I’ve got a clever trick up my sleeve, too.
I am pure and natural, made with organic ingredients – but you don’t need to keep me in the fridge. My ingredients stay fresh as a daisy wherever I am. How cool is that?

Well, room temperature, actually.

The secret lies in my single-dose pod.
It isolates my ingredients to protect them from the bad guys – oxygen, light and moisture.

So I don’t need preservatives to keep me fresh. Iam by nature.

My packaging? I use 100% recycled paper and water-soluble ink.
Saving the earth comes naturally.

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